Company Culture and Values

Do What You Love

If you are passionate about your work, Great Champ Technology offers you the perfect environment to excel in it. One of our goals is to help individuals discover their true potential. Join us and develop your skills as a professional in a conducive working environment like no other.

Stay Motivated

At Great Champ Technology, you get a positive work culture that keeps you motivated to perform your best every day. We believe in helping each other push our boundaries and succeed out of our comfort zones. There are also regular rewards and recognition to boost your morale.

Be Professional

Everyone at Great Champ Technology carries a strictly professional approach towards work without making it too dull. Our innovative team-building exercises and straightforward attitude in accomplishing goals help you get more disciplined at work while keeping things interesting all the time.

Aim for Higher

GCT has a supportive environment where all strive to be a better version of ourselves than yesterday. We have in-house skill development programs and training sessions that help individuals learn new skills and turn their raw talent into a valuable aptitude for them as well as the company.

Fun at GCT

How do We Work?

GCT is one of the fastest-growing IT service providers in the country.
Our goal is to provide the right kind of opportunities to skilled people and grow as an organization.

Open Door Policy

Every senior manager and supervisor at GCT keep their doors open to every employee to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussions about any concerns related to work. We take every opportunity to help our employees unlock their full potential.

Strong Teamwork

We believe that teamwork is one of the keys to success. At GCT, we often take part in team-building activities to strengthen the bonds within the teams, as well as boost the coordination amongst the different teams in the organization. Here, you never have to walk alone.

Rewarding Experience

We try to make the workplace as rewarding as possible for each of our employees. Apart from providing access to all the necessary resources and amenities at the workplace, we also have monthly rewards and recognition program to celebrate remarkable achievements.

Continuous Learning

GCT conducts regular training and workshops to help the employees stay up-to-date with the requirements of their respective fields of work. Also, the senior managers and supervisors closely work with the employees and determine what type of support or training one needs.

Friendly Work Environment

Every employee at GCT is there to extend a helping hand to a colleague whenever he/she is in need. Our friendly inter-departmental relationship makes it easier for the teams to collaborate efficiently. Also, we have weekly games to make things interesting at work.